For an Occupational Therapist from my experience making a cup of tea is an activity that held dear in their hearts. It is used as a part of a functional assessment with clients as to weather they are able to carry out meal preparation, following a sequence task and as result begin to identify those where support may be required.

tea_01 Ingredients:
1 tea bag
1/4 mug of milk semi skimmed/full fat/soya (enough to make a cup of tea).
1 teaspoon of sugar/sweetener (optional)Utensils:
A teaspoonEquipment:
An electric kettle
A mug/cup and saucer
tea_02 Step 1
Fill the electric kettle to the desired amount of water from the cold tap or decanter using a small jug.
tea_03 Step 2
Place the kettle on it’s dock, and switch on having first made sure the power is on at the plug socket.
tea_04 Step 3
Having retrieved a cup and saucer or mug add a tea bag and sugar if desired.
tea_05 Step 4
Once the kettle has boiled, pour the hot water into cup or mug to ¾ of it’s volume.
tea_06 Step 5
Retrieve milk from the fridge and pour into mug or cup to 1/3” below the top of the cup as not to overfill.
 tea_07 Step 6
Stir cup or mug until desired strength of tea is achieved, then remove the bag with a teaspoon and dispose of it.  Now drink tea.