Being identified whilst at university for Dyslexia, I would envision this as extra to time for maths/English assessments, and the use of calculator, or computer, also in interviews extra time for questions if required.

Also besides this, nothing other than the support of the OT/MDT that would give any new member of their team and make feel valued. Although only having been identified with Dyslexia in the past of couple of years, it has given me valuable insights into the service user’s perspective, including:

  • Seeking support, and the uncertainty of waiting to hear what happens, but also for them once applied for funding/support, the waiting when things are happening, but it doesn’t feel like it.
  • Being the service user, the role reversal of what it is like talking to a health professional and to be able to talk/have that confidence to disclose ones fears/problems and anxieties to someone else.
  • Through this experience, it has given a better understanding of my role as an OT, way you present oneself to a service user, the kind of things/attitudes one would want to promote a healthy working relationship to promote change and aid the recovery process.