1a: My objective


As an Occupational Therapist, the reason for me writing these pages is:

  • As a means to supporting my continued professional development as a health practitioner, by devising a resource which I can refer to, with some of the key skills, and concepts of Occupational Therapy.
  • Furthermore, whilst there are many books, journals, and web resources which is essential reading, my aim is a bare bones approach touching upon some of those key areas.
  • Also should it be required, for readers, as I would myself, to seek out through further reading, a more in-depth understanding of these skills, and concepts.
  • And finally, to further the role of the Occupational Therapist to a wider audience, and the ways in which they promote health, wellbeing, and the recovery of those in their care.

In summary, whilst now as a practitioner, and in the past as a student, time could be limited when searching for a piece of information on the Occupational Therapy skills, and concepts:

  • It meant either, searching through my notes, the Internet, or a hefty textbook, which could sometimes be impractical for me to carry about with me.

In short, by having a resource on hand, I have been more confident in the way I present myself and my abilities, both to the clients, and other health professionals.